Clair de Lune

I’m still discovering the fun surprises blogging has to offer, including this speculative fiction style writing prompt posted by D. Wallace Peach.

pixabay image by Natan Vance

Here’s my response to the photo prompt above:

You can’t risk it! They said,
Anything could happen out there
Exposed in that dangerous blue light
The illumined darkness

Stay here, safe in Shadow!

But she wasn’t the sort
To use fear as her talisman
To mistake shelter for freedom

She was ready for more

Thus crouched in the hidden doorway
She cautiously looked both ways
Watched as the moon eclipsed the sun
Then stretched herself to fullness

As her small body expanded
She strode, near danced
Into the silvery center
That infinite space of the unknown

And found herself reflected there

© Amanda Reilly Sayer