Haiku #18 (and a new painting)

Divine Mirror, watercolor (WIP*)

Eternal light pools
Reflect your perfect essence
The divine as you

© Amanda Reilly Sayer

* WIP: This is a section of a larger painting that is unfinished. Painted on paper, the original can be easily cropped to match the image you see, something I may do if the rest doesn’t come together! Either way, I hope you’ll enjoy it, and the haiku.


35 thoughts on “Haiku #18 (and a new painting)

  1. Amanda, I came over after reading your stunning comment you left on my blog, that I in all honesty still don’t know what to say to. And what do I see here, but your stunning painting that I just stared at for a long time, stirring absolutely stirring my Soul! Then came your Haiku. I’ve got goosebumps! Your Light just pours from your blog and for you to say what you did to me, doubly stunned am I! Bless you from all of my Heart! I so look forward in getting to know you better and viewing your posts. Much Love to you!! XOXO

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      • Glad that it’s what you are going for. After I typed that, I wasn’t sure if I should have…just in case I didn’t interpret it right.


      • I’m truly not going for anything in particular when I make a painting. But calm seems to be the energy that consistently comes through, possibly because the act of painting somehow soothes ME. And I love when I can evoke that feeling in others, if only for a moment, in a world that is otherwise not so calming!

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  2. Your painting is one I might find — or make — a space on one of my walls for. Hard to tell without seeing it in life, but it has that sort of attraction to it, you know. I especially enjoy how it comes across to me as more suggestive than definitive — which allows my mind to dance with it.

    On your welcome page, you speak of your “lenses”. I like how you apply that word to your various media. There’s a lot of truth in looking at media as lenses.

    A few days ago — it seems like a month now — I posted a poem describing love as a lens. That’s an idea I’ve had for sometime now. Got it by thinking of alcohol. How it changes not only how we feel, but can at least at times change what we focus our fuzzy attention on.

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    • Speaking of lenses, thank you kindly for offering yours! It’s such a gift to experience something I’ve made through another’s perspective.

      When I have some time – sadly, not now when I should be readying myself for the workday – I’d like to check out your poem, Paul. Thanks for again for your kind witness 🙂

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      • Thank you for your kind words, Amanda. I would be entirely pleased if you read the poem. But there’s a catch, and you’re the only person who can decide it the poem is still of any interest to you.

        It’s a novella length work. I have tried to make it super-accessible in every way I can — including dividing it and sub-dividing it into topical sections and sub-sections. You might want to skim down to the section on “Love is a Lens” if your tastes do not run to novellas.

        Twenty-six years ago, a young woman I employed was murdered by her possessive boyfriend. The poem is my take on the how and why the murder was all but inevitable from the day he began courting her.

        Here’s the link to “A Death in the Spring”:



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