Haiku #7

Passing footprint trails
Dissolve at ocean’s tide line
Face the waves and rise

© Amanda Reilly Sayer

2 thoughts on “Haiku #7

  1. Amanda, thank you for sharing. I was not familiar with this type of poetry. I find it moving, meditative. I appreciate the time you put into both this web site and FB. I’ve so enjoyed your paintings and now your poetry.
    We all are on a journey and that journey is made easier with people like you. Thank you.


    • Thank you Mary! I’m honored by your comment and so glad you’ve enjoyed the haikus. I like free form poetry best, but I agree that there is a meditative quality to the haiku form. Also, the structure really helps me focus on what I’m trying to communicate. I’m really grateful you took the time to share your feedback. It means a lot ❤️


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