The Pivoting Point

2021, acrylic on canvas, 12×12 inches

Will transformation. Oh be inspired for the flame

in which a Thing disappears and bursts into something


the spirit of re-creation which masters this earthly form

loves most the pivoting point where you are no longer


Rainer Maria Rilke (Sonnets To Orpheus)


4 thoughts on “The Pivoting Point

  1. You really inspire me, you are an amazing artist and photographer and poet! And you have a great mom! I am one of her friends from the gym… there are four of us… we call ourselves the Fab Four!

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  2. I love the painting. I have the good fortune to have seen it in person as well as the photo, and both are beautiful. With the Rilke quote in mind, I find myself aware of the powerful changes/transformations in the painting–the lovely sky and the central darker area–and I am reminded not only of the inevitably of change, but also the wholeness/completeness of the universe past, present, and now.

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