Painting the days as they come

Winter Windstorm, 11×11 watercolor

You know those days. When everything feels a bit off?

Yesterday was that kind of day for me. It started with a dental appointment. We lost power due to tree-bending, frigid winds. There were no candles to be found, at least ones not scented with the makings of nausea. You get the idea!

To be clear, it wasn’t a terrible day. I’m grateful for teeth, access to dentistry, and a home that usually has electricity. The day was just a bit askew. Much like a “fresh breeze” scented candle which, in fact, smells like nothing found in nature!

It’s not the sort of day that usually inspires me to paint. But with the power out, my options for escape were limited. Plus, I wondered if it would be possible to paint myself into an improved mood state.

Verdict: not really. At least, not this time! Instead, I painted this very unusual painting, which probably represents the day more than changed the course of it.

Truth in advertising: the painting looks best from a distance. But then again, so do those kind of days.


6 thoughts on “Painting the days as they come

  1. love this post. many things do look better from a distance–yesterday among them. not so sure about the painting, though. it’s beautiful even up close. anyway, it is what it is. as i look at the painting, the ‘me’ viewing it notices the brightness in the middle right and takes heart knowing that–as you have pointed out in previous posts–there is opportunity in challenge if we know where and how to apply ourselves skillfully. and just one more comment: every conditioned event arises and passes away. how easily seen that concept in this painting.


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    • I’m glad you like the painting! The wish to share the narrative experience was the primary motivation for making the post. As with most (if not all) of my paintings, I vacillate about how much I like it. I’m still not sure about this one. But it represents a triumph of sorts – an acceptance of, and maybe even growing comfort with, experiences (and paintings) outside of my habitual range.


  2. Really gorgeous. Fresh, windswept, clean, pure come to mind as descriptors. I like the far off view. Feel like I’m looking down at the top of a mountain range from a view that I would say is impossibly high, but still somehow feels right. Thanks for sharing as always!

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    • Thanks for the feedback Todd. I’m so grateful to get a view through your eyes. And I love that you see the painting as “clean!” From a technical perspective (up close anyway), I worried it was a bit muddied. Especially in the sky, where I made a clumsy (but needed) color adjustment. But maybe I see muddiness as a remnant of my painting experience, rather than because it is actually that visible. So many metaphors, so little time!

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