Haiku #4

Windswept winter dunes
Infinite ebb and flow tides
You can start anew

©️Amanda Reilly Sayer

2 thoughts on “Haiku #4

  1. i notice that many if not all of your poems have that two part structure in which the first part is something along the lines of ‘this is just as it is,’ and the second part is along the lines of ‘having established a sense of ground in the now, one readies oneself for the future.

    some of your paintings seem also to emphasize either one or both of these dimensions as well, typically, ‘this is the way it is.’




    • I love this interpretation, a new way to see my own work. Certainly I aim for acceptance. And then there is also the hope of allowing the present and future to unfold, without a lot of teeth gnashing and ego-driven attempts to control outcome.


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