On Finding Harmony

20×20 acrylic on canvas


6 thoughts on “On Finding Harmony

  1. i realized while looking at this painting–soaking it up–that it doesn’t lend itself to thoughts. perhaps most paintings don’t–i don’t know. but when i see this painting, i am compelled to take a broad brush and make a horizontal blue stripe on the page. but, since i don’t know how to do that in this reply box, i am writing this instead. the point is, that the painting inspires a non-verbal action response in me that has something to do with color.

    and very pleasing, by the way.


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    • I love imagining that horizontal blue stripe! Message received! As you know, these are not my favorite colors, but there is something about this painting that keeps even me (the maker) engaging with it. And that feels like a good thing…

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  2. I love Ed’s comment and your response, Amanda. Before I read them, I studied the painting and had the same sensation of wordlessless, unable to define it (put it in a box) and say “this is a picture of…” I kind of love that openness. And it IS beautiful. 🙂

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