Moving Beyond the Known

The biggest challenge to progress is our resistance to move beyond the known. 

I’ve grown comfortable with blues and greens, a color palette that soothes me. But mixes of red tones have found their way into a couple of recent paintings, perhaps inspired by the spectacular sunsets of late.

Although there are things I like about the paintings, a subtle tension becomes evident when I look at them, an experience that reminds me how difficult it is to gaze upon the unfamiliar.

The painting shown above is one example.

Of course, it could also be that the painting doesn’t work well in some way, the reason I feel a bit off center when I look at it. But I also know that our perception about what “works” is largely determined by what we’ve learned that means. 

How do we know what we could like if we never try anything new?

I make this post – open to feedback about the painting, as always – but also as a conversation starter about moving beyond the known. 

Where do you find it most challenging to sit with the unknown in your life?


4 thoughts on “Moving Beyond the Known

  1. Sitting with the unknown in my life, my challenge is knowing I do care what those closest to me think of me. We all want to be liked. So it’s not always easy to step into the unknown. To try new things, Stretching my wings, like a butterfly leaving the cocoon. leaving the safety of the familiar. there’s a lot to experience, and staying in the familiar is to become stagnant.
    So, letting go of, Will they still like me?

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    • Oh, Dorothy! I understand this challenge. It’s easy to say it doesn’t matter what others think when we are being true to ourselves, but, in practice, it’s so hard! Much love to you. I am right there with you on the limb, the far tree branch heavy with the weight of the straining cocoon ❤️

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