Sunlit Path

Ripples of light
Unfolding a path
Over vast, shifting earth

Circuitous, but leading
Not the shortest line
But there

Along with that lone tree
Whispering wind-filled stories
Of survival and new branches

Look back if you must
But notice the widening arc
The trail gone past

Tales of your struggle
Are etched in your bones
You need not repeat them

Now, away from the setting sun
Step into your long shadow, embrace
And watch the tide shift

The unknown
Place of your thriving
Lies just ahead

© Amanda Reilly Sayer

2 thoughts on “Sunlit Path

  1. Beautiful. Fabulous rhythm and a strong ending. The imagery you conjure of the tree reminds me of some amazing ones I’ve seen at high elevation in the mountains and that I experienced in a similar way as you’ve described this one. Oh, and thanks for giving me permission to look back a little at least a little, lol! Having grown up in Christendom, I can’t think of that without a half conscious fear of turning into a pillar of salt (Lot’s wife), haha. Ultimately we don’t turn back when we don’t feel we need to anymore–as you’ve so wonderfully put, when we feel those tales have been sufficiently etched in our bones.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you, Todd. My words aren’t meant to be directive so much as encouraging, though they do sound prescriptive, lol. There is a time and place to look back, for sure! If we don’t want to repeat the errors of history, we need to understand them first. I was thinking specifically about past trauma and the ways that gets replayed and prevents us from thriving in the present and future.

      I always appreciate your comments so much! Thanks for stopping by ❤


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