Remembering Light

Whenever I feel the balance tip to dusk, edging towards darkness, I recall the sunrise, or other light-filled images. Metaphorically, yes, but also literally, with dozens of photographs to choose from.

You might wonder if this is a way I escape the present or turn away from a more complicated reality, which is always a mix of light and dark. But that isn’t my experience. Rather, this practice of remembering light helps me keep perspective no matter what is going on around me, just as a wide angle lens captures more landscape.

I wonder what you do to regain perspective when the scales begin to tip. Would you consider sharing that with me and others? Can we remember the light together, then offer it to those who need a little extra today?


7 thoughts on “Remembering Light

  1. I catch the sunrise or the sunset. I walk in nature or paint from my heart. I ride my bike or work my muscles or do yoga. But mostly I hug the ones I love and hide my sorrow with laughter and listen to their tales and then I find my focus shift from me to them and I feel better.

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  2. Nature is my balance. All I need to do is step outside and breathe, rain or sunshine or moonlight. In the summer, gardening is part of that, digging my hands in the dirt and making things grow. In the winter, lighting up the woodstove and drinking tea with a good book. 🙂 Lovely post and image, Amanda.


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