Accept Your Gifts (Part 1)

I’m honored to have been interviewed for a podcast that encourages folks to live their most creative lives, an idea that will almost certainly resonate with other WordPressers.

In part 1 of this 2-part series, podcaster Tracy Crow, an author, writing coach, and Marine Corps veteran, interviews Amanda Reilly Sayer, a pediatric psychiatric nurse practitioner by day, to discover how and why she turns to painting, poetry, and photography. “It’s important to me,” she says, “to think about how I can inspire or offer gifts to other people…sharing the love, paying it forward.” In a frank discussion about emotional pain and healing, Amanda says grief and emotional pain can be transformed through creativity. The act of transforming, itself, is an act of creation, she explains. “Where are your wellsprings?” she asks herself and patients.

Check out Part one of my interview here:

And consider scrolling through the other interviews. There are some real gems here!


5 thoughts on “Accept Your Gifts (Part 1)

    • Thank you Tracy! I really love the work you’re doing with this podcast and hope more and more folks will listen.

      I also greatly appreciate the positive feedback to help me calibrate whether my sharing has any relevance to others. Aside from my husband, I haven’t received any feedback from my circle.


      • Thank You Amanda & Tracy i have enjoyed the podcast. Previously I tried to connect through the app and wasn’t successful. The FB link allowed me to hear both segments. I love the work you both are sharing, keep it up


      • Amanda, as I sit exhausted at my work station with a picture of a smiling you with friends in a flurry of snowflakes and a haiku you gave me in February 2011, I listened to the podcast and was transported to a place inside where I am still fully in the flow of light and serenity. I want to re-share this haiku with you:
        the tree ice sparkles
        jeweled fingers brush the sky
        visible light waves
        it was meant for me to reconnect with today. to remember the why and the how of reaching into ourselves and thereby reaching the place that is shared with others
        I see you without looking and hear you without listening. your spirit is alive and well and a ‘sliver’ of this light remains inside for me.

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      • I’d forgotten about that haiku I wrote for you and love that you still have it at your desk. I’m sorry it was such an exhausting day and love that the podcast lifted you. That knowledge lifts ME 💚 As does the knowledge that you carry me with you, a sacred home.


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