Into the Silence


6 thoughts on “Into the Silence

  1. Into the silence is an invitation to go deeper into ourselves. It’s as if some of us need that specific invitation to ‘go’ somewhere, which can actually be right where we are. The temptation sometimes is to ‘do,’ to ‘fix,’ to tackle the next task, and even sometimes to investigate our resistance to awakening. But an investigative attitude can be brought too soon if the heart and mind are not still – or silent.

    Love it.


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    • A bit of clarification: I don’t necessarily differentiate between the heart and mind. In Pali, the word ‘citta’ is often translated to mean both at the same time in the sense that our feelings and our thoughts often reinforce each other. But what I was intending in the original post was to say that the painting invokes a quieting sensation in me that leads my mind (heart/mind) to stillness–and that’s a good thing. Bottom line is: I love this painting, as I do so many of your others.

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