Painting in the New Year: Let there be light!

Let There Be Light, 10×10 inches, acrylic on wood panel

I haven’t shared a painting here in some time, partly because I’m not sure WordPress is the best medium for sharing visual creative work. Let me know if I’m wrong! Nevertheless, I wanted to share this image because it is a re-rendered painting I posted here a little over a year ago, my third ever WP attempt.

A lot happens in a year and as one’s blog offers a potential mirror for personal and creative evolution. It’s fun to look back as we also look forward and keep ourselves rooted to the present moment. This painting is a bit of a triumph for me, which you might more fully appreciate if you read about my challenges with some earlier iterations of it here.

To all who have enjoyed and supported my creative efforts, I thank you. Many blessings in the new year, a chance for growth, and the realization of hopes and creative dreams for all. Let’s continue to shine light in the darkness.


4 thoughts on “Painting in the New Year: Let there be light!

  1. It’s lovely and seems bolder and edgier than the soft blues that I’m used to seeing, which I also love. WP is a great place to share your work (in my opinion). I know that visual art is different in person than in images, but for most of us, “being there” isn’t possible. We’d miss out on these little feasts for the eyes. ❤

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    • Thank you for the encouragement! I don’t get a lot of feedback about my visual art shares here, which may be partly due to my lack of blogging prowess (I know there are tips and tricks to get more views, etc.; I admittedly don’t attend to that aspect of blogging). I’ve also been more busy and have shared less in general, but plan to put more energy here as I can.

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