More living, less dying

Chapin, age 13.5

In the hiatus of favored things
Pain evident in your gait and change of habits
We feared the worst, prepared for the end 

Until suddenly, again, you trotted along the beach
Delighted in old crab shells and seaweed
Then later begged to climb into bed with us,
   Something you’d not done for months
And earlier, chewed on a long discarded bone
Nestled between forgotten toys
Remnants of your younger days

These things seem small, maybe 
But I know they are the sum of everything
Evidence of more living, less dying

And so it is, for all of us
Times of grace, even joy
Smiling into salty waves and leaning into the day
   while knowing. That final day will come

© Amanda Reilly Sayer, 2019

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2 thoughts on “More living, less dying

  1. Beautiful Chapin! Thank you Amanda for writing that what touches my heart. Bella now 10.5 is slowing up, this aging thing is so hard. Gratefulness in living will get us through but there is always such profound sadness and worry that is lurking close by! Yet the smile on Bella’ s face, the little thing she finds joy in certainly make it all worth while. Chapin is aging beautifully. We have so much to learn from our beloved Chapin and Bella. Keep writing, painting, creating. Your creative works touch the heart and enliven the spirit, that is what is most important in this crazy world. Thank you.

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    • Thank you, dear Mary! You really understand that knife edge between the anticipated loss and the enjoyment of the moment, the little joyful things and simple pleasures that make up a life. Your encouragement and kind praise means the world to me ❤️


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