The Challenge of Being

Untitled, 5×7 acrylic on canvas

Sometimes the notes
Play, almost  
Without effort, other times 

Fingers sore from repetition
Dissonance rules
With gnashing teeth

The Buddha said (maybe)
You must become empty, before
Being filled

And that is harder than it sounds
In this time when, doing more
Means doing well

But what if being well
Means simply being?
Allowing, the melody to emerge

©Amanda Reilly Sayer, 2019

*Note: I shared this particular painting with this poem because it was a painting that evolved easily, which isn’t exactly typical of my experience. As a painter (and writer), I am guilty of teeth gnashing effort and that is usually evident in the work, at least to me. To have a goal that is about not trying seems both counterintuitive and impossible, but I know this is a goal worth allowing, if not pursuing.

What say you?


9 thoughts on “The Challenge of Being

  1. Those “other times”….boy o boy!! Lol. I painted a sign I keep in my kitchen, since that is where I spend most of my time, that says “Just Be”. I was given this message years ago from the Divine, before “the Guides”. But how can I even say “before”, when maybe there actually is no before, only melodies that emerged!!! My gaw Amanda I believe I’ve drank way too much coffee this morning!! Lolol I love you and miss you! Your work is beautiful, as are you! 😘❤️

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  2. Your Buddah nature is both easy and nashing of teeth. The ‘what if’ is actually exactly the way it is right now. Safety is not hanging onto the edge of the pool. It is swimming in the riptide.

    In the decades that I have known you, good and bad, I have always known your Buddha nature every second.

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    • Hi Diana! Thanks so much for stopping by; I’ve been so inactive on WP these days, but love hearing from friends! And I’m glad to hear I’m not alone 🙂 I love (and am humbled by) the way my creative life mirrors long held personality traits that haven’t worked well for me in other contexts, either. No sarcasm! We can’t begin to change things we don’t see.

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