Freedom: The other side of loss

Freedom, 16×38 on plywood

Change can be difficult and is often filled with associated grief, but freedom can also be found in the process of letting go. Major life transitions offer a special opportunity to find freedom in change, but it’s easier said than done depending on the details.

We just sold our house. And truthfully, nothing about the related details over the last months have felt close to positive, except the knowledge that we would eventually conclude the stressful parts and be another step closer to our goals – a simpler life, fewer possessions, reduced financial obligations, to name a few.

Anticipated freedom on my mind, I noticed the plywood board sitting on the side of the road – FREE in bold marker written across the surface. Instead of unwanted junk, I saw a new canvas for the old house paint I’d not yet discarded. This idea was so compelling, I actually turned the car around to retrieve the board after initially passing it by.

I’d already made two other paintings with house paint, which turned out to be highly therapeutic, as well as productive. See an example here. But those paintings were made on canvases already in my possession, the benefit of using them more immediately obvious.

In the middle of a move, the last thing anyone needs is to accrue anything new. Nevertheless, I found myself putting the board in my car, unable to resist the symbolic reference and the therapeutic value of a new creative project to soothe me between the packed boxes.

Although I understood FREE would be erased by whatever painting I made, I imagined I’d know freedom in the layers of the painting. I was right.

Freedom is a mindset, not only a consequence of release from unwanted circumstances. Freedom is found any time we allow ourselves to move beyond preconditioned responses. Freedom comes when we let go of expectations.

I am free. You are free.


8 thoughts on “Freedom: The other side of loss

  1. freedom is not being bound by pre-existing expectations. so true. one can be free therefore in almost any circumstance. as you say, it’s a state of mind that frames the current experience. so, your post is a good reminder of this basic truth. very refreshing.


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  2. I was just so touched by not only your painting, but what you wrote here. In the painful and very stressful scenario of moving, you found a Treasure that you turned into something special. I don’t think you will ever forget this painting or what it represents. I absolutely was riveted by your very evident from the heart words. I also could have sworn I was following you, but alas, seems the WP ghost came along (and you have not been the only victim) to remove my follow. So I refollowed. I wish you and your family all the very best in your new home. May it bring to you all and more of what you dream of. Much Love to you! 💝🦋🌟🦋💝

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