Embrace Your Curves

Even with
Deliberate care
and prescience

Pendulous motion
A solid iron
Your rough nap

The edges
Recoil from

Away from
Your center
Weighted ballast
Those corners
Threaten, disturb your
Effortful peace

But then
Who says?
Who ever said?
Why would you believe?
You are supposed to

Lie – flat

© Amanda Reilly Sayer

10 thoughts on “Embrace Your Curves

  1. This one is really deep and I had to read it several times in order for me to fully appreciate what you wrote. Wow! I will embrace my curves and everything that entails!! Beautifully penned!! 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼

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    • Thank you AmyRose! I’m glad you reached into the layers. This poem started as a way of talking about how grief bubbles up even long after you’ve “made peace” or overcome a particular stage of dealing with challenge. And then it became about so much more, including the idea (I hope), that we can embrace everything…that life is complicated (neither all joy or sorrow) and certainly never perfect. Why should we spend so much energy on trying to be or feel a certain way when we can instead allow and harness the power of what is?

      Does this make sense?

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      • Oh my goodness, yes it makes sense. And now after your added explanation, I see and feel even more. I attempt to Flow through the ups and downs, the ins and outs, the highs and lows. I attempt to become flexible so as all What IS, just exists as IS. Your thoughts are so deep! Sounds to me you have quite a lot of “experience” that you poured into this poem. Absolutely stunning!!

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