Watercolor Expressions: Light heart, light touch

Untitled watercolor, 5×8

Do anything, but let it produce joy.

Walt Whitman

Joy [joi]: 1. A state of happiness 2. Playful application of paint on paper

A fellow blogger reminded me about the importance of playfulness when making art.

Critical thinking has place in painting, but a considered break from striving is a lot more fun.


2 thoughts on “Watercolor Expressions: Light heart, light touch

  1. abiding in effotlessness evokes for me the notion of accepting things just as they are. applying oneself, i.e., making the ffort, is in relationship to creating intention in our work. and as it is said, outcome hinges on intention. yet effortlessness isn’t synonymous with lack of intention. i like to think that as you are an enlightened artist, your intention is baked into your action at a very fundamental level. love your work.


    • Agree! As with so many things, there is a sweet spot – a middle path – so to speak. I often teeter between effortfulness and allowance. Your highlighting of intention is a brilliant reminder, possibly the key to approaching the middle path.


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