Haiku #11 (Just Be)

Just Be (digital painting 1.1, 2019)

Chief definition of worth
Or we could just Be

© Amanda Reilly Sayer
Just Be (digital painting 1.0, 2019)

Digital painting is fun in that it allows for low-stakes experimentation with an original image. I enjoyed this playful departure from my usual, more serious approach.

Which image do you prefer? Do you agree that our culture values outcome (production) over process (being)? If so, do you think that gets in the way of being in creative flow?


2 thoughts on “Haiku #11 (Just Be)

  1. Productivity has become such a bad word in health care! We have lost the ability to slow down and just Bee with the patient. Unfortunately it is not just in he health care field. Hopefully we will return to a more gentle time where our interaction with one another is what matters most. Thank you Amanda.

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    • Thank you for adding to the dialogue Mary! As you say, productivity has been prioritized over meaningful interactions, in both health care and otherwise. It’s funny, when I wrote this I wasn’t even thinking about the health care piece, so I’m glad you made that connection. I was thinking about the pressure we put on ourselves to produce or achieve. When, alternatively, we focus on allowing ourselves to BE, the best outcomes follow. I really believe that! But even so, my wish to control things gets in the way of simply being, probably more times than not! It’s a practice for sure…

      I’m so grateful to know you, someone who does a wonderful job honoring people and relationships…and being!


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